Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Valkyrie

I’m sure that most guys (and girls) into the whole superheroine thing is familiar with the Valkyrie.

Although I don’t know the exact amount, this website has to SO MUCH content it’s hard to comprehend.

Focusing on the female powerhouse (in my opinion) this website does cater for those guys wanting their heroines a little less muscley and a bit more super strength. The newsgroups are worth their signup fee alone because I just can’t be bothered with newsgroup readers and all that – this website does it all for me and I can get to look through plenty of non-heroine material too.

You’ll find video clips, pictures, stories, and pretty much anything else you can think of to do with superheroines on this website. I think that Diana (the webmaster) also sponsors female body building tournaments too, demonstrating the commitment this website has to the whole genre – how many of these other pay sites would do that, eh?!!

I like this site. I’ve been a member for as long as I’ve been interested in this sort of stuff, and it’s always worth ducking in to have a look from time-to-time.

Oh, the other thing I really like about this site is that she gets back to you. You know, a real person taking the time to email back to some crappy question or request you may have. Again, most guys don’t do this which is again a testament to the site.

So, to sum it up, I reckon you could wade through that site for months and not see everything. It’s massive. All you can eat, for what I think is a reasonable price. Well worth it

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

First thing to say about this website is '2004'. Yeah, that's when it was last updated. And such a shame too! The girls are amazing and very superheroine-like especially in their tight lycra/spandex and pvc outfits. And man, they've got that Jana Cova in some tight little skirt looking all sexy and strong -

But 2004 is an issue for me. Who's wants to pay for old content, eh? This is a long long time ago man.

However, the good parts: those chicks are amazing! I mean proper amazing. You should go to the preview section just to dig their little costumes, especially the girl in th blue spansex leotard. Not there is a superheroine if I ever saw one. Great body, intimidating, strong looking, sexy, and all the trimmings.

The content itself I was impressed. It's such a god damn shame it seems to have fizzled out. There's no rea story line, granted, and I think this is really aimed at the guys wanting to jack off over a girl wearing a superheroine leotard rather than a powerful and sexy dominant woman.

Anyhow, I was impressed and seeing as I don't think the site will be updated again any time soon it's definitely worth joining up for a month to download all the images. It's just such a shame it hasn't kept going.

What Superheroine websites do you want me to review?

Okay, I've got a few superheroine websites that are on my list that I am already signed up for, and I'm going to do my best to give an accurate review of the website.

If you have a website that you want me to pay the membership for and have a look first then send the url through to and I'll try and get back to you.

Until then, I will sift through my collection here and be right back!

Welcome to my new superheroines websites blog!!

This is going to be my own little home on the web where I can take a look round all the superheroine related websites and give you my opinions of both pay websites and free websites.

I will be taking a look at the best and the worse superheroine websites on my travels, and reviewing them so that you don't have to! I'm turning all the comments on this blog on because I want your opinions too on what is good and what is bad.

I'm new to all this, but this Blogger system is pretty good and I'll be hoping to review at least one website every two days. Some will be long and some will be short.

If you've got any preferences on what you want me to review next just give me a shout. Maybe it's a website that you've been wanting to join for ages but don't have the cash. Maybe its a toss up between two websites: which one is the best? I'll find out for you!